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  • Real Estate Resources Pasto The following is a list of page links for services or Real Estate Resources consumers may be interested if they need information or a referral from someone others have found to be a reliable resource.

Real Estate Resources can be a tricky business because experiences seem to vary. Real Estate Resources include services and businesses I have worked with or other Realtors have had good experiences with. Contractors and those involved in the home construction industry should be licensed if they perform a job involving $600 worth of work or more. I recommend contractor real estate resources that are licensed if they are working on a construction project that involves one of the construction trades. You can check to see if your contractor is licensed by clicking on this link for real estate resources involving construction. You can also check to see if there have been complaints with that contractor. Real estate Resources is only one place for recommendations. Please call me for more specifics on your project as I am collecting real estate resources all the time. Certain real estate resources change phone numbers and come and go, so best to call me.

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